Server set-up

Server set-up


Online presence matters a lot especially for all business organization and “Server” is the second name today for online presence. If you don’t have proper server the online presence will automatically disappear. Growing demand for server is one of the biggest reasons why so many types of server are available. A server is used for hosting websites that belongs to the customer only. Such websites are capable of utilizing the processor and memory resources within the system or have a huge amount of data and database.


Our server experts keep system software updated, without incurring any downtime or software conflicts. All critical server performance aspects such as database lag, page load time, etc. are audited periodically, and services are re-optimized to ensure a better performance. Knowing your business requirements is vital to configure the server in the best way. At STZ Soft, we review your business requirements and choose the server specifications and settings that suit the most.


During the initial server setup, we implement industry-best practices to configure the server for an optimal performance and secure it to protect from vulnerability exploits and attacks. We even periodically review and update the server security settings to protect them from such vulnerabilities and hackers.


A plenty of disk space, sufficient bandwidth volume, multiple connection providers, powerful KVM virtualized technology, etc. are the key features which give you the faster performance, good space, and reliability. This gives us the right to state that we provide the best Linux virtual private servers in the industry for multiple domains.